Deciding to Divorce

Once a spouse has decided to divorce, there are certain things which he or she must do to ensure that the legal process of divorce is smooth.  An experienced divorce lawyer or family law lawyer  can provide invaluable advice on how to make a divorce process smooth. A major decision that can’t be put off for long is who will live where for the time being—that includes the spouses and the children.

Generally the spouses figure out temporary living arrangements during a separation, putting off final decisions until the divorce process is further along. If the spouses manage to do this, they should write up an agreement about what they have decided. What if they cannot agree? In most cases both spouses are equally entitled to stay in the family home than the other. When you are the legal owner of the house, then you might be able to make you spouse move out, though it would depend on factors like how long you have been staying in the house together, who pays for the expenses, and the like.

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A Serious Car Accident can Lead to a Divorce

Married victims who suffered a catastrophic accident or injury may suffer more than others may. Not only will these people be subjected to mental, emotional, and physical pain brought about by their injuries as well as incoming expenses and possible effects of the accident or injury but also possibly a divorce. Some people may wonder how an accident or injury can lead to a divorce. The answer comes to be quite complex, but divorce can be a byproduct of a terrible accident or injury.

Psychological and Physical Changes Brought About By Injuries or Accidents

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Mediation in Georgia

If you are a divorced parent in Georgia, you will need a parenting plan—a document that deals with the various aspects of your children’s lives and specifies the agreements with your spouse about how you’ll deal with them. Mediation is an excellent way to work out the parenting plan. A mediator will have the experience in dealing with difficult issues and reach practical solutions that will work for both spouses. Divorced parents having trouble agreeing on a parenting plan, should seriously consider hiring a mediator to help sort out the issue, even if both parents are able to work out all of the other questions that need to be addressed in the divorce. A mediator can help the parents determine the various issues of child custody including basic time sharing, contact outside of visitation, family birthdays and functions, holidays, school, religion, activities, going out, privileges and discipline, medical care and insurance.

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Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is a formal agreement between the spouses that deals with the issue of support and other financial obligations of the spouses to one another until the divorce is granted by the court. A separation agreement is also called a Pendente Lite Order. A separation agreement will be binding only if it is in the form of a court order. Ideally the spouses negotiate and reach an agreement on the terms of the separation agreement and then the agreed terms should be reduced to writing. The agreement is then submitted to the court. A judge will then review the agreement and then pass the necessary orders.

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Changing a Will

A will is legally known as the Last Will and Testament. However merely because the legal name says “Last” it does not mean that it cannot be changed. A will can be changed. If you want to change to will, consult with an experienced estate planning attorney. Your state laws will determine the exact requirements and procedure for changing your will.

You can change your will for many reasons. The most common reason why people change their wills is the change in circumstances. Most people leave a major chunk of their estate to their spouse. However your spouse dies before you, then it is a good reason to change your will. Similarly if any of your heirs to whom you have given a major chunk of your estate dies before you, you should change your will. Sometimes you may have forgotten to include a close relative in your will. You should also consider changing your will if you have acquired any assets after you have made the will. Consult with an experienced estate planning attorney to know the circumstances in which you should change your will.

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